Relying on its expertise and its innovative test facilities, GREENMOT is a strategic partner of current vehicle challenges like fuel consumption minimization, emissions reduction or powertrain hybridization.


Current challenges of vehicle consumption efficiency and new emission regulations, encourage OEM and their suppliers (of every sectors: automobiles, truck, bus, agricultural machines, off-road machines) to use increasingly efficient methodologies and new test facilities able to closer reproduce operating vehicle environments. This new approach also provides testing productivity savings and real vehicle development optimization.

GREENMOT is fully engaged in this process by providing new testing facilities highly efficient for :

  • Preparing new RDE regulation with vehicle testing facilities providing large operating ranges in terms of engine RPM / load / temperature.
  • Precise quantifying fuel savings provide by eco-innovations
  • Hybride control optimisation
  • New calibration programs reducing vehicle development time


« Put the component benches into the vehicle rather than the vehicle components in the test bench. »

Physical value measurement is only significant if :

  • It is measured without disrupting the system,
  • It is realized without environment changes,
  • It is realized in real-use and realistic conditions,
  • The physical measurement point is under control.

From these statements, GREENMOT has chosen the following innovative approach : “Put the component benches into the vehicle rather than the vehicle components in the test bench”.

Definition – Specific design – Calibration – Installation

GREENMOT use an « in situ » measurement approach in the operating environment.

Our expertise and methodology allow us to understand measurement environment and to reduce intrusiveness of this measurement.

Testing plan – Tests campaign – Test benches availability

GREENMOT has developed innovative testing solutions optimized for their repeatability and their performance level (Automative climatic test cell – High power climatic test cell Component test benches)

Data validation – Automatic formatting – Analysis

Global vehicle test campaigns generate important volume of data to be processed, GREENMOT has developed methodologies and automatic tools for data validation and data formatting.

GREENMOT use Amesim software


Experimental data for simulation model : « Single in vehicle test »

  • Homogeneity and consistency of measurement environment.
  • Realistic measurement conditions thanks to “in situ” vehicle measurements.

Vehicle energy management analysis

  • Stability and extreme repeatability of test environment
  • Energy consumption measurement in « real time » allows to temporally identify analyzed phenomena in driving cycle.
  • Accurate measurements of all vehicle energy flows in the same testing environment.
  • Direct impact quantification <0.1% on vehicle fuel consumption, equivalent <0.1g of CO2.

Vehicle benchmarking

  • Stability and extreme repeatability of test environment
  • Global physical instrumentation that do not require any confidential OEM / suppliers information (like OBD,…)
  • Global vehicle approach allowing to acquire maximum data in one single test campaign environment.

System development / Calibration

  • Stability and repeatability of test environment
  • Wide testing conditions :
    -30°C to +45°C, 4 Wheel Drive up to 2000 N.m each, all driving cycle and speed profil follow up
  • Testing productivity savings in calibration phase (with direct temporal identification and direct gain/loss quantification of new settings)
  • Tests facilities allowing RDE preparation tests.