Current challenges of vehicle consumption efficiency and new emission regulations, encourage OEM and their suppliers to use increasingly efficient methodologies and new test facilities able to closer reproduce operating vehicle environments. This new approach provides testing productivity savings and real vehicle development optimization.

GREENMOT is fully engaged in this process by providing new testing facilities and methodologies to actors of every sector: passenger cars, heavy duty trucks, bus, agricultural machines, off-road machines, military and defence vehicles.

picto engineering

Our experts help you to carry out your R&D projects and to design your new test facilities: climatic cells, test benches, specific instrumentation and more industrial products. Our engineers are fully skilled in areas linked to the test performances: system, mechanics, climatic, automation and more.

essais services

Our test services team is compound of engineers and technicians who help you in performing your tests at our test facilities in France. After agreement on the specifications, the preparation of the vehicle, the instrumentation, the control of the chosen cycle and the post-processing are carried out over periods of half a day to several months.

Ten years of experience in R&D and powertrain development

Relying on the skills of its experts and on its innovative testing facilities, GREENMOT is an engineering partner on current challenges. This particularly concerns the reduction of energy consumption and vehicle emissions and the hybridization of powertrain chains. All engines are concerned: thermal, electric, hybrid, gas.