“Human driver” drivability style

Perfect repeatability on specific and regulatory testing

Stand-alone system

Since 2011, GREENMOT Robot driver has been developed for Vehicle Energy Management testing operated in our automotive climatic test cell. These tests require high repeatability for testing correlation. Thanks to its specific algorithm, the robot driver provides high accuracy speed profile, “human driver” drivability style and robustness that is mandatory for all emission and fuel efficiency developments.

GREENMOT Robot driver is able to operate the following kind of test :

  • Emission test
  • Consumption test
  • Vehicle Energy Management test
  • Endurance test
  • Climatic test
  • Transmission & Powertrain test
  • Correlation campaign
  • R&D vehicle test
  • Hybrid & Electric vehicle test

Technical specifications

Mechanical Vehicle seat mounted with modular actuators (<10 kg each) designed to be installed by single operator
Compatible with all passengers car configurations :

– Internal Combustion Engine /Hybrid / Electric powered vehicles
–  Mechanical / Automatic Gearbox
–  Left / Right Hand Drive

Control Specific GREENMOT algorithm developed to provide :

–  High accuracy speed following
–  “Human driver” drivability style
–  Perfect repeatability
–  Robustness to parasitic perturbations

Automatic vehicle performances Learning sequence
Stand-alone system
Automatic control mode for specific or regulatory road cycles
Automatic emergency shut down

Results & Repeatability

These tests can also be performed with thermal fluid regulation.

Speed monitoring driving quality by GREENMOT Robot driver
Repeatability on cold and hot WLTC
Robot driver gear shifting with manual transmission

GREENMOT maintains a policy of continuous research and development and specifications are subject to optimization without notice.


Endurance – Performance – Emission – Climatic – Automatic testing
Internal combustion engine / Hybrid / Electric – Automatic / Mechanical gearbox