Component test benches are manufactured by Greenmot’s team of technicians and engineers.

This teams’ involvement allows to produce specific benches adapted to the needs of the customer.

Flexibilité des moyens d'essais
Connaissance et maitrise du matériel


providing the capacity to implement many kind of component test benches (mechanical, transmission, powertrain, cooling pack, exchanger, …)


allowing fine settings and advanced control (acyclism generation, inertia reduction by relative control,…)

Transmission & component benches

GREENMOT  is able to specifically implement test bench for many component applications :

Static characterization, quasi-static and/or systems dynamics with possibility of thermal fluids regulation.

RPM mapping / stabilized or transient torque

Motor acyclism


Many system combinations are possible, including the implementation of  low inertia motor :

 22 kW, inertia 0.0027 kg.m², max peak torque 150 N.m

 22 kW, inertia 0.077 kg.m², max peak torque 190 N.m

 37 kW, inertia 0.23 kg.m², max peak torque 450 N.m

Bancs d'essais organes / component test benches

These tests can also be realized with thermal fluid and/or aeraulic regulation.

Aeraulics & thermal benches

Test equipments combined with Greenmot methodologies provide fine cooling pack or exchanger performance characterization.

Technical specifications

Aeraulics 280 kW to 20°C <=> 35 kW to -10°C
Maximum air flow 60 000 m3/h
Temperature -10°C to +45°C
Fluid loop Glycol water 200 kW or oil 10 kW
Maximum flow 70 m3/h
Maximum pressure 6 bars
Temperature -10°C to 90°C


The component test benches can be implemented in the following areas :

> Passenger cars, off road vehicles (Radiators, groupe de refroidissement)

> Railway, traction transformer (Exchangers, cooling unit)

> Industrial, power transformer (exchangers, cooling unit)