Direct 4 WD connection

Temperature range : -30°C to +45°C

0.1% repeatability on NEDC, now WLTC cycles

GREENMOT developed and has operated since 2011, an innovative automotive climatic test cell. This test cell has been designed to provide OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, large and highly repeatable testing conditions.

This repeatability is especially guaranteed by direct mechanical connection (eliminating tire/roller dispersion) and GREENMOT robot driver (eliminating human driver dispersion). This high repeatability also leads to development productivity savings that makes engineers able to directly identify and quantify the impact of any modification on test results.

Test cell technical specifications

Test cell specifications

Mechanical power 260 kW
Torque per wheel 2 000 N.m
Maximum speed 145 km/h (16‘’ wheel)
Thermal power 280 kW at 20°C
Temperature range -30°C to +45°C
Humidity Limited 75% of humidity
External fluid control

Including quick cooling capacity

Coolant temperature control up to 200 kW

2 independent Oil temperature control up to 10 kW

Test cell mode 2 WD /4 WD (with Front/Rear and Right/Left synchronous or independent control)
Control mode By GREENMOT Robot Driver

Road Load, constant torque or speed, manual control

Inertia simulation Up to 4 T
Airflow 0.5 m² section up to 120 km/h controlled by vehicle speed
Maximum vehicle size 9m (Length) x 3.5m (Width) x 3,8m (Height)
Maximum vehicle weight 4 T

Fuel & Gas analysis

Fuel measurement system AVL KMA Mobile (High accuracy dynamic mass flow meter)
Combustion analysis AVL Indimicro 4 channels
Amont catalyseur AVL AMA i60
THC [60.000ppmC], CH4 [20.000ppmC], NO [10.000ppm] , NOx [10.000ppm],
CO [10% / 5.000ppm], CO2 [20%], O2 [25%]
Microsoot sensor AVL 483
Gas analysis Raw gas analysis – Intake Air mass flow meter
EGR CO2 [20%]
Downstream catalyste AVL AMA i60
THC [60.000ppmC], CH4 [20.000ppmC], CO [5.000ppm], CO2 [20%]
Horiba Mexa One QLNX
NO: 0-10ppm to 0-5000ppm N2O: 0-10ppm to 0-2000ppm
NO2: 0-5ppm to 0-2000ppm NH3: 0-5 to 0-2000ppm
Particule counter – AVL 489 Opacimètre – AVL 439

The automotive test cell can be rent from 1/2 day to several months. The services may include the mandatory or/and necessary instrumentation measurements, if needed.

The applications vary :

  • Energy flow mapping
  • Engine mapping
  • Hybrid powertrain development
  • Traction control


Results & Repeatability

repeatability passenger cars
Energy benchmark methodology
Repeatability <0.1% of vehicle consumption measurements on regulatory cycles.
Opening calorstat
Flow chart

The expert control on the instrumentation allows the possibility to limit the number of tests by campaign, thanks to the high repeatability of the results.