In a context of rapide changes and technological disruption, Greenmot relies on its expertise and innovative test facilities to accompany you in the development and optimization of your products.

Global & Custom packages

In the current context of vehicle powertrain diversification, our testing resources and expertise are made available to your R&D teams and offices to carry out comparative performance studies. These benchmark studies combine experimental data and strategy analysis to identify the main technical drivers behind carmaker choices on architecture, technology or strategy.

The study is therefor compound of two phases.

The first part will address the following critical measurements and their implementation – without any interference with car management system :

  • Mechanical Power: Driveshaft, Engine and Electric Motor (specific torque sensor)
  • Electric Power (DC & AC): Battery and HF Inverter Output
  • Emissions
  • Cockpit and Powertrain thermal management system (pressure, flow, temperatures, power)
Our services : instrumentation and testing
Coast down on proving ground

Secondly, the test program combines both road and bench sessions:

  • Coast down
  • Cycle (-10C 20C 45C): NEDC, WLTC, RDE and replays on bench
  • Specific tests for characterisation or energy management strategy investigation : Mappings, Braking Recovery, Acceleration (0-100,80-120), Battery charging at different temperature, etc

Upon your request, we can integrate other vehicles into the project: passenger cars, tractor, buses, heavy duty trucks.




Vehicle Energy Benchmark


Four models of electric and hybrid cars are part of a test campaign started in late 2019: the Hyundai Kona EV, the Hyundai Ioniq HEV, the Toyota Corolla HEV and the Honda CR-V HEV.

Honda e prototype


The energy performances of the Honda e and the Volkswagen ID3 will be tested in 2020, as well as the Volvo XC 40 and the Yaris hybrid, upon other models.

Efficiency & Emissions
Energy Flow
Thermal management

Global vehicle approach : open roads and test benches tests

“In situ” instrumentation and repeatability of the test conditions

Self-developed tools and methodologies to process a large volume of data generated

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Methodology & Instrumentation

Specific torque sensor

GREENMOT has developed an “in situ” measurement operating in a real environment. Our knowledge and experience in the field of metrology allow us to implement customized sensors meeting your specific measurement needs : pollutant emissions, electric motor phase, engine torque, etc.

Thanks to our automotive expert team, the vehicles are dismantled, equipped with the sensors and mounted back, at our French workshop. The instrumentation is therefor adapted to each particular project and the project is taken care of by a dedicated engineer.

Our methodologies and self-developed tools allow you to process the large volume of data generated during a global vehicle test campaign. The results generated provides you with an overwiew of the market caracteristics, in order to help you working on improved functions and systems.

PEMS use on car



Vehicle Benchmark Process