Interview of Stéphane Londos, GREENMOT’s CEO

By 8 April 2020
Photo Stéphane Londos, président Greenmot

INTERVIEW: Stéphane LONDOS talks about its experiences

Welcome to the interview with Stéphane Londos, President of Greenmot Test Center, a leading company in the field of automotive testing and certification. First of all, this interview is available in full as a YouTube video that can be accessed through the link provided below.

Expert in his field, Stéphane Londos has a wealth of experience, having worked for several years in various roles in the industry before assuming his current position at Greenmot Test Center.

Stéphane Londos shares here his insights and experiences on various topics related to the automotive industry. It therefore includes the latest trends and innovations, the challenges faced by the industry. Moreover, it raises the importance of testing and certification in ensuring safety and environmental sustainability.

"Nowadays, our activity runs on totally current issues: reducing emissions, fuel consumption and adapting to comfort issues. […] Knowledge is mastered internally: mechanics, electronics, heat, IT"

The interview is available on YouTube

During its last 12 years, the company evolves from 3 to more than 70 people. It grows from 1 to 4 test cells. As well, a new activity opens 2 years ago: vehicles retrofitting, which means conversion from diesel-fuelled to electric battery

We invite you to tune in to our video to learn about Greenmot’s cutting-edge technology and our commitment to sustainability. Discover how our innovative testing methods and tools are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles and pave the way for a greener future.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected voices. Click on the link below!

Watch the full interview (French with subtitles)
stéphane londos, CEO