New vehicles entering comparative studies

By 25 January 2022
The electrification of passenger cars is reflected in the range of vehicles tested at GREENMOT’s test facilities.
Expert in carrying out comparative tests, GREENMOT completes its study program with new vehicles. Ans it is noticed that the shift towards electrification taken by manufacturers is increasing. The vehicles to be tested are now almost exclusively electric or hybrid, particularly with regards for passenger cars.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are facing  many challenges in their development process. The definition of battery life, the battery’s aging as well as its compatibility with electric charging solutions available in public spaces are questions commonly raised.

Are these critical points in your R&D?

In order to support your research activities then your decision-making process, we provide a set of means and methodologies which, combined, will address your issues:

combinaison environnement GREENMOT
The studies address the following critical measurements and their implementation – without any interference with car management system:

➡️ Mechanical Power: Driveshaft, Engine and Electric Motor (specific torque sensor)

➡️ Electric Power (DC & AC): Battery and HF Inverter Output

➡️ Cockpit and Powertrain thermal management system (pressure, flow, temperatures)

Last tested vehicle models:

✅ Tesla Model 3
✅ Honda Jazz Hybrid
✅ Renault Clio e-Tech
✅ Volkswagen ID3
✅ Peugeot e-208
✅ Fiat 500e

The implementation of the measuring instruments is carried out in situ, ie without any interference with the car’s management system.

Test your vehicle on real cycles with proven repeatability accuracy.

  • AC / DC charging from 2kW to 300kW, in climatic conditions
  • Temperatures: -7 ° C to + 35 ° C
  • Driving time: to be defined
  • Scenarios: according to customer needs (typical profile, standardized cycle, etc.), in particular on climatic cycles which simulate realistic cycles, such as Paris-Avoriaz journeys (cold characteristics) or Paris-Deauville (hot characteristics)
carte trajet paris avoriaz
Trajet Paris-Deauville