Being a project manager at GREENMOT: Romain Lebecq tells us all

Testing project manager at GREENMOT for 3 years, Romain guarantees the smooth running and quality of the tests. Today, he speaks about his missions in the company.
Romain chef de projet équipe

Which are your missions?

As Testing Project Manager, my role is to ensure good communication with the client, but as well between teams. I am indeed at the meeting point of several professions: sales, financial management, technicians and engineers in the field. This gives me a good overview on the project and to manage the overall scope to ensure the projects will success.

More specifically, to start a project, I get in touch with the sales and pre-sales departments in order to set up a kick-off meeting with the client. Then, I take care of the technical framework with the client to confim the functionalities to be activated. Then, once the adaptation of the vehicles in the test cell has been organised, I enter into the test phases. Finally, I look up for resources availability during the test period. The whole requires a very good coordination of all activities.

What are the particularities of the job of project manager at Greenmot?

First of all, and that’s what I like, is the large scope of project management! Here, as perhaps in most SMEs, my days are very different from an other. Sometimes I do client reporting in the morning and manage a vehicle unloading in the afternoon, or check a budget with the financial director. As for many other positions at Greenmot, versatility is a must.

With regards to the technical level, we attach great importance to the level of quality of the project ; it must be aligned with the customers’ expectations. In addition, we monitor the profitability of the project while respecting the pre-ordered budget. What makes us different, a specificity of Greenmot, is the frequency of data acquisition which allows an accurate precision of the measurements.

"Il est primordial de savoir être réactif au quotidien pour solutionner rapidement d'éventuelles dérives en termes de qualité, de coûts et de délais."

Which are the advantages of being a project manager at GREENMOT?

First of all, I would say that Greenmot motivating people to work as a team is a real advantage; as fas as i am concerned, I work in tandem with a “technical driver”. The idea is to be responsibile for the project while not being the only one managing it. It is more comfortable and more rewarding to manage contingencies together.

In addition, I will underline the benefit of customer proximity : our clients are usually on site during the tests. This is an opportunity to forge special links with professionnals who are passionate about R&D and vehicle development. At Greenmot, I also find a great diversity of vehicle applications thanks to the versality of our testing means, which is a real plus for fans of mechanics.

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chef de projet, romain lebecq

Would you like to share another GREENMOT particularity? 

Indeed. I am a project manager but also genaral secretary of the CSE “Comité Social et economique” which is the company’s Business and Social Council. The CSE at Greenmot is an essential component to the functioning of the company. Each employee benefits from action plans in terms of safety and health at work and social benefits.