Renault Group entrusts us with its competitive analysis campaigns

The powertrain benchmark team take the floor today to detail the relationship between both companies. A committed testimonial. Responsivness and professionalism are at the heart of the discussion.
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Which challenges Renault Group is facing in its activities today ?

For Renault Group, the main challenge today is to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Indeed the automotive world is in a period of revolutionary energy transition.

So we need to understand and learn its new technologies. Specificially, we have to analyse and understand how competing hybrid and eletric vehicles work in order to optimise energy operation and strive for ever greater efficiency.

What has been the trigger element in your choice for Greenmot as test center ?

The name of your structure was first pushed by internal teams of Lardy. They had the opportunity to work with you and were satisfied with the service. We naturally relied on their advice.

We had, at the time, the need to work on the transition toward the electric engine. And the technical and commercial presentation that your team gave us following our request proved to be more thorough than those of the other centres. So we have launch a first project including 3 concurrent hybrid vehicles. They was the Hyundai Ioniq, the Toyota Corolla and the Honda CRV. Greenmot’s different approach is a real advantage for us and has convinced us to continue with a second pure electric project, this time, including the Renault product, the Zoé, to serve as a benchmark, compared to the Hyundai Kona.

"The relationship, responsiveness and professionalism of the Greenmot technical team, which was very good from the outset, are additional elements that reinforce our choice."

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Today, we must undeniably maintain a technological lead. And the expertise of your test center enable us to confirm this point. That’s why Greenmot is regarded a partner rather than a supplier, and it has been include in the Renault panel.

We are buidling together, thanks to your knowledge and your analyse on the topic. Your inputs complete our internal skills. This is possible thanks to the modernity and the precision of your testing solutions, your knowledge in instrumentation and your flexibility. All of this combined gives us the possibility to test the different components of the powertrain independently while keeping the whole vehicle.

Wich testimonial can you do on the commercial relationship during the different services ?

All of team members, both at the technical and purchasing levels, are unanimous in recognising the proactivity of your teams. Indeed Greenmot is proposing innovative solutions and discussions are carried out in full transparency. The projects are still moving in the right direction, with the aim of removing blocking points.

The listening and understanding are part of the commercial relationship ; we have, for example, never faced any blockage during different RFQ campaigns. The exchanges are constructives to commonly moving on the best choice and possible synergy. Our assignments are not standard and Greenmot answer this need on a tailor-made basis.

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The tests campaigns are really built together, with advice on  instrumentation to better understand the physical behavior of the components.

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Wich results have you achieved with our services ?

The first assignment is done : the results obtained from the tests allow us to understand the philosophy of other manufacturers. Whether it is a question of technical choices or performance. With supplements that we provide internally, we can define the interest for us of this or that solution or wich technology is transferable.

Beyond that, we also seek to understand the quality/price/performance ratio of this technology and therefore the gain for the end customer.

"The accuracy of Greenmot data allows us to define more than just assumptions and project future products."