Committed to the energy transition, GREENMOT mobilizes its engineers’ teams to develop retrofit kits in order to convert industrial diesel vehicles into clean vehicles.

Retrofit solution for industrial & commercial vehicles

GREENMOT develops retrofit kits to transform industrial diesel vehicles into clean vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a greener future. These clean vehicles can thus continue to circulate in Low Emission Zones.

Retrofit electrique ou hydrogène

GREENMOT has a perfect capacity for developing and validating retrofit solutions thanks to its engineering skills and internal testing resources. The high-power climatic test cells are perfectly suited to carrying out tests on heavy vehicles such as buses, coaches, construction vehicles or specific service vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles or fire trucks.

Alternative energy is chosen with the customer according to the use case: electric or hydrogen. Depending on the vehicle, the conversion can increase the life of the vehicle by 5 to 10 years. The criterion of this use case is essential in the choice of alternative energy, in order to allow the vehicle to continue to provide its service, on a line in town as on a mountain road. Thus, depending on the type of use, the number of km traveled daily, the possibilities of deploying energy networks, the vehicle is transformed into an electric or hydrogen engine.

picto car électrique

The capacities of the battery, fuel cell and tank components are specifically adapted to your needs and use cases.

picto borne

We offer support for the choice of fleet recharging infrastructure: charging at the depot, by opportunity, at the end of the line …


Retrofitting: an accelerator of the energy transition

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Retrofitting the diesel vehicles of existing fleets into electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles thus accelerates the energy transition for several years, through the rapid and cost-controlled transformation of a large part of the current fleet. Converted vehicles – generally at mid-life – will thus be able to continue to be operated on all road or urban networks.

Retrofit solutions are available within 2 years, in connection with the calendar of Low Emission Zones, EPZs. This requires for 2025 that the 43 French agglomerations of more than 150,000 inhabitants exclusively offer clean vehicle fleets in urban areas.

GREENMOT solutions’s benefits

pictogramme homologation

UTAC homologation

pictogramme transformation locale

Transformations carried out by a local approved partner in your neighborhood

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Use of standard and validated components

pictogramme batterie

Innovative modular battery suitable for retrofitting

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After-sales contract adapted to customer needs

Thanks to our 10 years expertise in engineering and vehicle tests, we master the study of technical solutions to optimize the transformation of the diesel engine system into electric or hydrogen engine by integrating the energy management of the vehicle as a whole (chain of traction but also heating, air conditioning, cooling, etc.).