Embedded software engineer at Greenmot : Julien Dumont

Julien Dumont has been an embedded software engineer for 6 months, after more than a year as an enineering trainee. Today, he tells us about his missions within the company.

As an embedded software engineer, what are your missions ?

As an embedded software engineer at GREENMOT, I translate the functional requirements of projects into algorithms, which are then implemented in embedded equipment.

How did your integration into Greenmot go ?

My integration at GREENMOT went very well, the teams are very welcoming. Everything is done at GREENMOT to make it easy to integrate, and we’re in design offices with colleagues in the same profession. Then, the projects give us the chance to meet most of the engineers and work together.

How does your job as an embedded software engineer fit in with your work at GREENMOT ?

I work mainly on retrofit, defining, programming and validating the various functions of the on-board software. For GREENMOT retrofit kits, I also ensure compatibility between our system and the vehicle’s native system.

Commercial / sales representative- Julien LEY
crossway rétrofit à autocar expo

Is the energy transition important to you / in your projects ?

The energy transition is very important to me, it’s at the very heart of the project and the retrofit. We’re working in a circular economy by recycling thermal buses, which will no longer be used in cities in the next few years, into electric buses.

Do you want to share something else about GREENMOT ?

I started at GREENMOT as an intern, and today I am a young engineer, so I thought it was important to say that GREENMOT is a family company, and you feel that a lot. For young engineers like me, it’s nice to have people who listen to you and support you as you start your career.