Shell is a global group of energy. They recently developed a new fuel for all types of engines. To provide a representative test environment, Shell enlisted the services of GREENMOT to test the effectiveness of their product.

How did you come to choose GREENMOT services?

We’ve conducted a wide range of internal tests to optimise each of our product formulations and we are very pleased with the results. However, we wanted to put our best fuel and lubricants through further rigorous testing by “external industry experts” to impartially assess combined product performance.

"We’ve worked with Greenmot, an independent [...] test center located in France, because of their state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled engineers."

How did GREENMOT help SHELL test the products?

They have state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled engineers. They are able to carry out the precision tests we need. These tests demonstrate that the combination of Shell FuelSave Diesel and our premium lubricants can really make a difference to vehicle performance. This is compared to regular products, which included some of our mainstream grades, because we don’t like to make life easy for ourselves

What support did GREENMOT offer to test SHELL’s fuel formulation?

From our side, we are glad that Shell entrusted us to test their latest fuel formulation together with premium engine, gearbox and transmission oil. We set out to independently determine the fuel economy, power, and acceleration benefits of Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell’s high-performance lubricants.

To do this, we employed a latest technology HD truck featuring a turbo-charged engine with the newest Emissions Class Euro VI. We loaded it with 20 tonnes and ran it for approximately 200 hours, under a range of conditions to emulate real-life usage.

What test conditions were applied?

To make sure our measurements were representative of real-world driving, we used an industry test cycle (WHVC) to determine the truck’s fuel economy during urban, rural and highway driving conditions. We pushed the truck to its limits to measure power and acceleration performance under the conditions where you need those benefits most. We made multiple measurements to ensure the accuracy of the results. We measured improvements in the truck’s performance in all of our tests.

Test specifications

    • HD truck turbo charged 
    • Emissions Class Euro VI
    • 20 tonnes
    • 200 hours
    • World Harmonized Vehicle Cycles (WHVC) tests

Results expectations (data)

    • Fuel efficiency
    • Power
    • Acceleration benefits

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