The ID.3, part of the Benchmark program

By 23 June 2020
Volkwagen ID.3

A new vehicle model joins the Benchmark campaign: the Volkswagen ID.3.

In the continuation of the Benchmark project carried out on different types of electric and hybrid vehicles, Greenmot adds the new Volkswagen ID.3 to its test program.

After the IONIQ HEV, the KONA EV, the CR-V HEV, the COROLLA HEV and the latest arrival, the ZOE EV, the ID.3 will be entirely dismantled by the teams and equipped with more than 150 sensors to access strategic information.

The first phase of tests will be carried out in a climate cell, in particular on WLTC cycles, then on open road to record the data in the RDE cycle. This consists of routes in urban, peri-urban and highway environments.

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