Sales representative at GREENMOT : Julien LEY & François-Ludovic ALEX

Julien and François-Ludovic have been technical sales representative for 4 years and 9 months respectively. Today, as a team, they talk about their missions within an SME like Greenmot.
Commercial / sales representative - Greenmot

As sales representative, what are your missions ?

We are involved as representative and ambassador towards customers and prospects, promoting Greenmot and its activities. When we receive a customer request, our job is to identify whether it is suited to our technical expertise. Working in Sales at Greenmot means as well to listen up to our customers to help them express their needs.

On the other hand, our mission is to identify new projects by communicating on our expertise and the possibilities of future projects for our customers.

What are the special features of the job of sales representative at Greenmot ?

The differenciating feature of Greenmot is the close links between the sales team and the technical teams. Thanks to this link, we have the advantage of being able to draw on feedback and cross-functional communication, enabling us to welcome customers with ease. Indeed we are able to provide customers with technical answers.

Greenmot is a SME that offers good ways of taking actions in France and internationally. Consequently we work with Japan, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Asia. It’s rewarding to experience different cultures and mentality every day.

"At Greenmot,there is no routine. We know hiw to be agile and versatile between different projects."

Why working at Greenmot has its advantages ?

Greenmot offers the opportunity to collaborate on various projects. For example, we can handle a simple and short project one day and a more complex project an other day. The diversity is also in the variable duration of projects, the topic (engineering ou testing), budgets and differents expertise with whom we collaborate according to problematics.

Moreover, we are very close to the issues surrounding the energetic transition. It’s very interesting to be immersed in the sector and to have information that the public doesn’t have. So we are becoming aware that we are a real partner in this area.

Commercial / sales representative- Julien LEY
Commercial / sales representative - François-Ludovic ALEX

"Greenmot's differentiating features enable us to work with major customers like Renault and maintain long-term relationships."

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Commercial / sales representative

Do you want to share another particularity of GREENMOT ?

At Greenmot, we work within young and involved teams in a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, Greenmot is a small company and we have the advantage of a short decision-making circuit.