Test engineer at Greenmot : Tom Negrerie

Tom Negrerie is test engineer at GREENMOT for almost 5 years now. Today, he drags us into his missions within the company, for the benefice of our customers.

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What does your job involve?

A test engineer’s job consists in defining instrumentation, setting up and supervising in-cell tests based on a customer requirement. At the end of the campaign, we analyze the data and submit them to the customer.

Which qualities are a must-have for a test engineer?

You have to be versatile and communicate efficiently with the rest of the team. With customers, a good understanding of physical phenomena in the field of vehicles is mandatory to ensure that the mechanical systems work properly during on-the-test bench trials..

What are your missions?

At GREENMOT, I’m more involved in comparative analyses, i.e. carrying out tests on vehicles of different manufacturers. It means that, if a customer wants to analyse and compare competitor vehicles, they come to us to obtain information on instrumentation and a tests program. We then transpose the tests into our innovative test cell. The results are thus collected and analysed, and delivered to the customer.

Tom managing a test from the operative center
tom & cyril in the workshop working on a car

What has surprised you most in your career?

What surprised me most was the multitude of vehicle architectures and control strategies that can be encountered when working on hybrid competition analysis projects.

What was your favorite project to work on?

There’s one project that really stood out for me, beyond the benchmark, and that was an endurance project on a powertrain. We didn’t even have a test cell. We designed and developed the test bench in-house, on which we tested the customer’s GMP for several months.